Monday, December 28, 2015

British Columbia ND Spletzer Allegedly Linked to "Illicit Doping in High-Level Sports"

here, text reporting and an embedded video link:

001. at, Bethany Lindsay reports in "Sports Doping Allegations Involve Two Vancouver Health Professionals" (2015-12-27):

"two Vancouver health professionals are at the centre of a new documentary that claims to expose illicit doping in high-level sports [ seen in] Al Jazeera’s 50-minute video report, 'The Dark Side: Secrets of the Sports Dopers' [which] also implicates NFL star Peyton Manning [...there's] undercover video of Vancouver pharmacist Chad Robertson and naturopath Brandon Spletzer apparently providing performance enhancing substances and giving advice on how to avoid detection [...] Spletzer [] a naturopathic doctor at Sage Clinic in Yaletown [...] in B.C. [...who is] authorized to write prescriptions [...who] is shown providing Collins with an array of pill bottles, spread across a table [...]";

STUNG! NOT professional, but, that's naturopathy for you: at its heart, false. The ND is apparently a BINM graduate.  Just pushed a bunch of his pages into 

002. regarding provincial prescription rights for NDs, in the just archived page "Pharmaceutical Prescriptions", the ND writes:

"there are times when using pharmaceutical drugs are absolutely necessary.  Fortunately, licensed naturopathic doctors, as of 2009, are now able to prescribe for such situations. While naturopathic physicians are able to use a large number of therapeutic modalities to best serve the patient, the ability to use pharmaceuticals is serving our patients needs even greater than before."

I guess then we have not "Dr. Feelgood", but "Dr. Go-Fast."

002. here's the YouTube video link:

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