Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Hypocrisy Alert! ND Spletzer Dumped By His ND Practice WHILE BC Naturopathy is USUALLY False and Wrong

here, news about the ND accused of participating in PED activity, yet I find his fellow NDs to be VERY hypocritical:

001. regarding ND Spletzer, his business partner NDs inform:

001.a. in "Sage Clinic Statement Regarding Al Jazeera Documentary" (2015-12-29) (2015 archived), we're told:

"on December 27, 2015 Sage Clinic personnel were shocked to learn of a documentary on alleged sports doping implicating naturopathic physician Dr. Brandon Spletzer.  Pending completion of a thorough investigation by ourselves and appropriate authorities, Sage Clinic immediately suspended the contract of Dr. Brandon Spletzer and notified the College of Naturopathic Physicians of British Columbia, our professional governing body, of the matter [...] the profession of naturopathic medicine [...]";

so, that's the CNPBC.  This is Canada, so this "College" is actually a PRIVATE regulatory agency run by naturopaths.  Ah, the "professions" claim, too.

001.b. here's:

the archived Sage Clinic ND Spletzer page "Dr. Brandon Spletzer, ND" that has been deleted by the practice;

001.c. the Statement tells us:

"Sage Clinic doctors and staff had no awareness of alleged sports doping or other wrongdoing occurring on our clinic premises or elsewhere [...we practice] safely and professionally [...using] natural, non-invasive treatment methods [...our] clinic’s commitment to responsible, compliant patient care [...]";

so the claim is that there's no wrongdoing, with naturopathic usual methods.  I disagree.  Actually, naturopathy's essential premise is a kind of 'epistemic wrongdoing'.  Because to COMPLY with naturopathy standards is to engage in, essentially, FALSEHOOD.

002. hypocrisy alert!  Sage Clinic Falsehood and BC Naturopathy Epistemic Wrongdoing:

002.a. the Clinic:

002.a1. here's the DOOZY. In "Homeopathy"  (2015 archived), the Clinic tells us:

"homeopathy is a science of healing based on [etc....] how does it work? [...] it quickly and powerfully helps the body normalize any imbalance: inflammation, anxiety, infection, pain, etc. [...] your personal key to mood balance and symptom relief"; 

homeopathy is IN FACT science ejected, grossly.

yet, in the Statement, Sage Clinic states: 

"as part of our scope of practice, prescription authority is a privilege and is appropriately used when it is a medical necessity.  Sage Clinic’s use of any prescription is undertaken with the utmost care, attention, compliance and respect."

well, homeopathy is supposedly an effective pill.  Therein, it is pharmacy.  So, if using homeopathy falsely posed as science-supported is these NDs' idea of professional pharmacy and ethics, well, why should we be surprised that one of the clinic's NDs engages in allegedly dubious pharmacy activity along the lines of PED?  Pharmacy alsehood and wrongdoing are business as usual on Main Street in Naturopathyland.  Let me name the current ND staff at Sage Clinic.  There's:

ND Veeravagu who terms himself a "natural health expert", ND Gray who terms herself an "inner alchemist", ND Moore, ND Ghodsian, ND MacIsaac, ND  Lescanec, ND Wiley, ND Polinsky, ND Schnurr, ND O'Neill, ND Khangura, ND Christensen, ND Achuff.

how are SO MANY PEOPLE able to continue to be SO FALSE?  Because naturopathy's falsehood is institutionalized:

002.b. the CNPBC. There's the document "August 2015 CNPBC Board Examinations Information" (2015 archived), which tells us:

"applying for BC Licensure: once a candidate has successfully passed the BC Board examinations and both the NPLEX Biomedical Science and Clinical Science examinations [...]";

and when you go to that NPLEX Clinical Science section, you'll see pharmacy fraud, wherein homeopathy is included.  So an ND doing pharmacy wrongdoing should NOT be a surprise.  Pharmacy wrongdoing is BAKED into naturopathy.
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