Friday, January 15, 2016

ND Glidden 2016 Video: Antievolution, Antiscience, AntiMDs! And Always Fun.

here, some snippets from the always fun ND Glidden, as he fights the noble fight maintaining that: a 'vital force spirit running physiology' should be the basis for modern medicine, that evolution is bullshit, that MDs are idiots and worse, and that modern medicine is "allopathy":

001. we're told by ND Glidden -- he claims we have been duped, and he has the truth -- in "Cancer Treatment, You Have Been Duped! January 13, 2016 Dr. Glidden Show" (2016-01-13)[vsc 2016-01-14]:


"medical doctors are trained in allopathic medicine [...] the allopathic reductionistic method [...] the philosophy of allopathic medicine is that the human body is a bag of biochemicals waiting to break [...] that evolved by evolutionary fiat, somehow [...] life started and then evolved, it's nonsense [...for MDs] there is no inherent spiritual force, there is no vital force, there is no intelligence inside the human body [...] this is what the MDs believe [...] the viewpoint of disease that the medical doctors bring to bear is an old-fashioned, out-dated, ineffective viewpoint.  Your medical doctor is like a color-blind artist who does not know that they are color-blind.  Their paintings are always going to be wrong [...]";

sharing the love again!  Well, it is quite false to label modern medicine allopathy, if we are talking about the coiner's target for that term, Hahnemann: the prescientific medicine of his day.  Here, most interesting, we have this invocation of supernaturalism, vitalism, and teleology as WHAT'S RIGHT, and missing from the WRONG "allopathic."  And evolution is "nonsense".  That's science-denialism.  Here, actually, ND Glidden is pointing to the contents of SCIENCE and using the term allopathy.  That's weird.  Well, medicine is an applied science, and supernaturalism, vitalism, and teleology are science-ejected.  To be, therein, "allopathic reductionistic" is to be scientific and analytical, in my view, in his formulation.  Things I want in my medicine.  So, to claim such science-ejectedness and science-denialism is medically relevant NOW is truly to be "old-fashioned, out-dated, ineffective", IMHO.  Naturopathy's reversal of values!  And then he proceeds to sell us supplements.  That you "must" use.  Or you'll be unhealthy.  As "science-based clinically-verified medical nutrition."
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