Sunday, January 3, 2016

Washington ND Board Reinstates ND Corpuz & Hypocrisy Alert!

here, news on, presumably, a Washington State licensed ND getting his privileges back [in New York, apparently, which isn't licensed].  And my question of all questions: why aren't the vast majority of  Washington State licensed NDs being sanctioned when they, quite publicly, similarly act 'unprofessionally' by using typical junk naturopathic diagnostics or therapeutics?

001. we're told, at, in "Wash. State Disciplines Health Care Providers" (2016-01-03)(2016 archived):

"New York: in August 2015 the Naturopathy Board reinstated the naturopathic physician credential of Edmund M. Corpuz and placed him on probation for at least two years. His license was suspended in February 2015 [...for] treating patients over Skype with no visual or physical contact [...without] adequate exams [...or] records for the patients he treated [...and he] prescribed a substance for weight loss that isn’t approved for that use, lacks evidence of being safe and effective, and has potentially serious side effects";

it's fascinating.  Really.  Because NDs prescribe homeopathy all the time, and even usually dispense it: which hugely "lacks evidence" and is grossly therapeutically implausible.  So, I call "hypocrisy."  Hugely.

"consumers who think a health care provider acted unprofessionally are encouraged to call and report their complaint [...]";

I suggest people complain about all the 'evidence-lacking' crap that NDs are doing in Washington State, that unprofessional 'lacking evidence waste of money junk', such as:



and on and on.
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