Sunday, February 21, 2016

SCNM Mentioned in Alleged Medical Imposter Love-Robinson Reporting

here, the AANMC naturopathy school SCNM gets mention in the continuing-to-develop drama of alleged not-a-doctor Love-Robinson:

001., Lulu Ramadan and Hannah Winston report, in "Teen ‘Doctor’ Case: State Found fake Degrees During Probe" (2016-02-18):

"Malachi Love-Robinson told state officials he wasn’t a medical doctor when he was interviewed in October after an anonymous tip came in claiming he practiced medicine without a license, according to documents released Thursday afternoon [...]";

and the great joke of no-longer-funny jokes is that ND stands for 'not a doctor'.

"the teen said he didn’t have a medical degree, but he considered himself a doctor and has other people address him as one because he has a PhD. from Universal Life Church Seminary, an online institution, according to documents released by the Florida Department of Health.  According to the seminary’s website, anyone can buy a doctorate in divinity for $29.95, the same price as bachelor’s or a master’s of divinity degree [...]";

what's the PhD here?  "Pile high and divine?"

"two additional degrees from Southwest College of Natural Medicine [sic, natural should be 'naturopathic'] and Arizona State University that Love-Robinson presented to his then-employer, New Directions in Boynton Beach, were also found to be fraudulent, department investigators wrote in their report.  Southwest College invites individuals to 'discover the physician in you,' and seek[s] those who love science and 'recognize that there is more to medicine than drugs and surgery,' according to their website. It’s unclear how much a degree costs from the institution [...]";

oh, I'd say it's about $200000, all told.  Because we are linked to  Now, if he really did have an SCNM ND, I'd say 'still FRAUDULENT'!  Because it is SCNM that says that profoundly science-exterior is instead science.  Which is typical for AANMC naturopathy.  Like falsely fraudulently posing homeopathy as science.
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