Wednesday, March 16, 2016

CCNM ND Talib at India Today: The Sciences of Natural Medicine Include Homeopathy

here, more false posturing by an ND regarding the scientific status of homeopathy:

001. Rebecca Suhrawardi reports at in "This is What Hollywood's Favorite Naturopathic Doctor Wants You to Do for Glowing Skin" (2016-03-16):

"Dr Nigma Talib [who's ironically covered in make-up for the article; here's a bio. page...] according to her, a naturopathic doctor endures the same coursework as an MD through naturopathic medical schools, and also studies the sciences of natural medicine, including subjects like nutrition, Chinese medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture, and intravenous injection therapy with vitamins. 'We are trained to look at the root cause of illness,' she says. Talib has even had success in reversing infertility in women based on her integrated approach to medicine";

and yet, when you take naturopathy down to its epistemic roots, it isn't what it says it is!
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