Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Kansas Naturopathic Physicians Association Recommends Medscape's Exercise Guidance, But Not Medscape's Naturopathy Warning!

here, a screen-capture from Facebook, and an association beyond the Association:

001. from the Facebook account of KNPA, 2016-03-20:


this is naturopathy hijacking another area of knowledge as if it justifies 'the essentially naturopathic';

002. now, also at Medscape is:

How much do you know about naturopathy? A critical summary evaluates this field's effect on patient care and health policy.
Journal Articles, Dec 31, 2003

Dr. Atwood responds to critics of his article, "Naturopathy: A Critical Appraisal."
Perspectives, Mar 25, 2004

which I HIGHLY recommend.  Featured in the currently getting published Naturocrit Podcast Episode 012.
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