Thursday, March 17, 2016

Naturopathy Discovers Scientific American (in a selective way)

here, a screen-capture of a Saskatchewan Association of Naturopathic Practitioners Facebook post:

001. well, here's the SANP post, c2016-03-17:
it reads "Scientists Discover That Antimicrobial Wipes and Soaps May Be Making You (and Society) Sick" [...] [...]";

so, a reference to SCIENCE.  Naturopathy, making a reference to SCIENCE.

002.  but, did you know, that also at SciAm., there's:

002.a. complete refutation of naturopathy's foundational premise, mu-ha-ha-ha:

002.a1. SciAm tells us in "The Evolution of Ernst: Interview with Ernst Mayr" (2006-07-04):

"all the occult stuff that used to be mixed in with philosophy of biology, like vitalism and teleology - Kant after all, when he wanted to describe biology, he put it all on teleology, just to give an example - all this sort of funny business I show is out. Biology has exactly the same hard-nosed basis as the physical sciences, consisting of the natural laws. The natural laws apply to biology just as much as they do to the physical sciences."

and that is the basis of naturopathy, even if they don't state it transparently on their own Code of Ethics.  Yet, they reference SciAm as if they are able to survive scientific scrutiny.  Idiots!  Entertaining idiots...
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