Saturday, March 12, 2016

NDs Casey, Hollon, Lundberg, Reckers at YouTube: We Do Lots of Science Like Homeopathy (and Applied Kinesiology)

here, more naturopathic falsehood:

001. Casey, B. (ND NCNM), Hollon, L. (ND NCNM), Lundberg, K. (ND Bastyr), Reckers, M. (ND NCNM) state, in the YouTube video "Naturopathic Medicine at RNM" (2016)[vsc 2016-03-12]:
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[tags: #homeopathy #codedvitalism #scienceclaim #efficacyclaim]
"naturopathic medicine, as I view it, is really the belief that the body is capable of healing itself [that's coded vitalism...using what's] most effective [] homeopathy [x2...therapies] proven over time [...] we also are really well versed in conventional medicine [...regarding prerequisites] a lot of us have degrees in science [...having studied] physics, chemistry, and biochemistry [...with ND school] a four-year professional program [...with] basic sciences [...] in fact there's lots of science behind what we do";

I call bullshit, the typical naturopathic kind.  'Science subset naturopathy subset homeopathy' is categorically FALSE.

002. at their practice:

ND Casey tells us she does applied kinesiology, and though three of the NDs are NCNM graduates, when they talk about the principles of naturopathy (also here) they are not transparent about the junk-thought at the center, vitalism.  Why respect people's autonomy, in order that they can make an informed decision?  Oh, that's bad for business....
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