Monday, March 14, 2016 Alberta Naturopathy Promotes "Largely Scientifically Unsupportable Treatments and Services"

here, some alarming things Alberta naturopathy promotes:

001. Rob Breakenridgein reports in's "What Are Naturopaths Promoting?" (2016-03-14):

"the trial for the parents of a southern Alberta toddler who died in 2012 from meningitis is also shining an uncomfortable spotlight on naturopathy [...] it’s believed the boy died from bacterial meningitis and a lung infection, so it appears as though early and legitimate intervention would have made a significant difference. There should be some serious concerns raised about not only the parents’ decision to see out a naturopath, but also how the naturopath in this case responded. It should also serve as a reminded that four years ago the Alberta government granted [self!] regulated status to naturopaths [...]"; 

line up the accomplices.

 "what do naturopaths offer?  A 2011 study co-authored by Timothy Caulfield found that 'many of the most common treatments – such as homeopathy, chelation and colon cleanses – are viewed by the scientific community to be of questionable value and have no scientific evidence of efficacy beyond placebo [...]"; 

but, being self-regulated, why would absurdity have a problem with itself?

 "what did we find? A list of largely scientifically unsupportable treatments and services [...] homeopathy was the most common treatment  [...] within the non-CAM scientific community, homeopathy has long been viewed as a sham [...]"; 

great for looking for what is easy to find.
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