Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Please DO NOT Support Connecticut's HB 5534, 2016

here, an email I recently sent to two of my State politicians:

"Dear Senator Gerratana / Representative Ritter,

I am a Connecticut citizen, educator, and expert in naturopathy.

Please DO NOT Support HB 5534, An Act to Update the Practice of Naturopathic Medicine in CT.

I've been studying naturopathy for close to twenty years.  I've studied at the Bridgeport CT naturopathy school.  I'm a medical professional.  They are not.

Overall, I find naturopathy to be pseudoscience.  That is FAKE.

The school labels naturopathy "science" and then includes such science-ejected archaic therapeutics as homeopathy.

They claim this bill is an "update" and that naturopathy is a "huge benefit".

But, since when is eroding the standards of higher education K-16 science such?  How is this good for consumer protection?

Licensing naturopathy is regressive, and social harmful.


Rob Cullen, RMA, AHI, CPI, CPC-A.
Author and Publisher
The Naturocrit Podcast."
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