Sunday, March 27, 2016

Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and Its 'Big Homeopathy' Benefactor

here, a grab from the Facebook page of SCNM, which shows the ND President of SCNM and the CEO, who is also the President of the AANMC, with a homeopathy manufacturer:

001. so, here's the grab [vsc 2016-03-27], with faces removed [the original is on the SCNM Facebook page]:

it says:

"Yves Yau, president of Seroyal, visited SCNM last week. Our mutual passion for herbs, healing and research created a natural partnership which continues to grow stronger every year. Thank you, Seroyal, for your continued support!";

hmmm, no homeopathy mentioned.  The man on the right is ND Mittman.  Seroyal makes UNDA homeopathics, which NDs love, and other things.  When regular medicine is criticized for being in the pocket of Big Pharma, here's naturopathy, with a Big Homeopathy, actually.  Research, by the way, knocks homeopathy out of the ring.  But, influencing a naturopathy school then seeds users of such, and that's good for business.

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