Friday, March 4, 2016

Spanish Masters in Homeopathy Scrubbed Due to "Lack of Scientific Basis"

here, more bad news for homeopathy [and more vindication for me!]:

001. at, EE writes in "Homeopathy Masters Degree to Close Because of Lack of Scientific Basis" (2016-03-04)

"a master’s degree in homeopathic medicine at one of Spain’s top universities has been scrapped, because of its 'lack of scientific basis'. A university spokesman confirmed the course was being scrapped and gave three main reasons: 'firstly, the university’s Faculty of Medicine recommended scrapping the master’s because of the doubt that exists in the scientific community.  Secondly, a lot of people within the university – professors and students across different faculties – had shown their opposition to the course. Thirdly, the postgraduate degree in homeopathic medicine is no longer approved by Spain’s Health Ministry ' [...there is] now overwhelming evidence that homeopathy is a placebo therapy [...] in my view, it is unethical of universities to set youngsters on a path of quackery and thus contribute to an obstacle to evidence-based health care"; 

hear, hear.  Meanwhile, North American naturopathy insists homeopathy is a "clinical science."
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