Saturday, March 19, 2016

The New York Daily News' ND Lopez Article: 'Homeopathy for Lead Poisoning' Quackery-Absurdity

here, naturopath massaging naturopath, unable to see past their -quackery-absurdity bubble':
001. ND Carina Lopez, a UBCNM ND graduate who labels herself a "homeopath", reports in "Lead Poisoning Crisis Isn’t Limited to Flint, Mich." (2016-03-18) at

"in Flint, many victims were diagnosed within 30 days of exposure to lead poisoning. That technique uses blood serum for lead testing, which is only reliable within 30 days of exposure, states Dr. Eugene Zampieron, co-founder of the University of Bridgeport Naturopathic College and a naturopathic physician. Afterwards, when the lead poisoning becomes a chronic illness, the most reliable screening test is hair-cell analysis.  Unfortunately, this is also a very rarely used test in the field of conventional medicine. Thus, many victims who have suffered from chronic exposure are unable to be screened appropriately.  Speaking with Dr. Zampieron recently, he relayed a lead toxicity case he had recently treated — a fiddler who could no longer fiddle. This musician had renovated his 18th century house a number of years ago and the lead had caused a paralysis in his fingers, disabling him.  Dr. Zampieron used homeopathic remedies, herbs, supplements and three apples a day (the pectin contained in apples helps chelate lead) to help this man.  Soon enough, the fiddler was able to regain movement of his fingers and play the fiddle, his life's passion.   After this heartwarming phone call with my mentor, I called the gentleman waiting to be seen in my waiting room. It turns out he was a guitarist with recent paralysis in his fingers. Serendipity and fortune helped me with his case";

meanwhile, in reality, hair-cell analysis is a pseudodiagnostic -- as Quackwatch says, it is a "cardinal sign of quackery", and visiting homeopathy on someone who is ill is for me QUITE the violation of human rights.  This is the college that states homeopathy is a "health science" when in fact it is science-ejected.  Beware.

naturopathy: "the primary care that doesn't epistemically care."
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