Sunday, April 24, 2016

A Big OUCH For Alberta, Canada NDs' CNDA from MDs of Canada Who Seem to Have Just Awakened From Their Odinsleep

here, a NOT very laudable / shallow response to the Ezekiel Stephan travesty as regards naturopathy from medical doctors in Canada:

001. (former)ND Hermes writes in "Canadian Physicians Criticize Naturopaths in Wake of Ezekiel Stephan’s Death" (2016-04-24):

"a group of Canadian physicians recently asked me to post an open letter they sent to the College of Naturopathic Doctors of Alberta concerning the conduct of naturopath Tracey Tannis in selling an herbal product to Ezekiel Stephan’s mother after she reported he might have meningitis [...]";

wonderful, wonderful. 

"[in Alberta] naturopaths are then allowed to police themselves [...] naturopaths aggressively lobby government officials for licensure with broad scopes of medical privileges because it provides their profession with legitimacy [...]";

this is one of the hallmarks of a profession: ethics that are SO HIGH that they are SO TRUSTED.  But naturopathy is a pseudoprofession.  I wish Britt would stop calling them a "profession" because it confers INTEGRITY.

"the letter posted below, signed by 43 Canadian physicians and surgeons, addresses multiple ethical and practical issues regarding the professional practices of licensed naturopaths. Most importantly the letter highlights the fact that naturopaths want all of the same rights and privileges of medical doctors without having to adhere to the same rules [...]";

and here we go.  Again, if they are so BAD which they are Britt should STOP calling them "professional."

002. and from the letter "Canadian Physicians Criticize Naturopaths College Letter" (2016-03-28) (2016 archived), we're told:

"Dear Dr. Beverly Huang [...] President of the College of Naturopathic Doctors of Alberta (CNDA): We are a group of Canadian physicians and surgeons who have been watching the trial of Collet and David Stephan over the past few weeks, and while we are moved by the senseless tragedy of Ezekiel's death, we are also deeply concerned about the conduct of the registered naturopath involved in his care [...]";

hear, hear.  Though the ND is not on trial... 

"as MDs we are subject to the regulation of our respective provincial colleges and know that should our work fall below the standard of care, our regulatory college will discipline us in order to safeguard the public [...]";

you MD neophytes: naturopathy's standard of care is not yours because for naturopathy 'absurd science-ejected nonsense is perfectly normal and good'.  If there was ONE standard of care, the MD College would be governing the naturopaths.  They've been given permission to have a Bizzaro-World alternate standard they themselves only judge.

"we are writing in the hopes that the CNDA can reassure us and the general public that they are acting in accordance with their provincial mandate as the regulating body of the naturopathic profession in Alberta [...]";

ok.  Since naturopathy is essentially NONSENSE, what are these doctors hoping naturopaths will stringently self-regulate?  This is merely a gesture.

"on its website the CNDA describes the process of becoming a registered naturopath in Alberta. This requires 4 years of schooling, involving 'clinical medical sciences' and 'clinical training' [...]";

keep in mind that in Naturopathyland, homeopathy on their board exam is called "core clinical science."   So again, it is dumb to scold naturopaths about standards they do not have to answer towards, like rationality.   The horses have left the barn: the epistemic definition of science and even integrity are reversed in Naturopathyland.

"[and there are other things mentioned, and the doctors are:] Dr. Michelle Cohen, MD, CCFP (Ontario), Dr. Carla Holinaty, MD, CCFP (Saskatchewan), Dr. Jennifer Ross, MD, CCFP (British Columbia), Dr. Daisy Fung, MD, CCFP (Alberta), Dr. Jennifer Chu, MD, MPH, FRCPC (Ontario), Dr. Carola Collins, MD, CCFP (Ontario), Dr. Carrie Kollias, MD, FRCSC (Alberta), Dr. Adrian Fung, MB, BCh, BAO, CCFP, (Manitoba), Dr. Jillian Bailey, MD, CCFP (Ontario), Dr. Elizabeth Pedersen, MD, FRCSC (Alberta), Dr. Kirstin Derdall, MD, FRCPC (Alberta), Dr. Nadia V. Giannakopoulos, MD, PhD, FABP (Alberta), Dr. Curtis Myden, MD, FRCSC (British Columbia), Dr. Lara Curtis, MDCM, CCFP (Alberta), Dr. Shona Nair, MD, FRCPC (Ontario), Dr. Laurence Kadoch-Levary, MD, FRCPC (Ontario), Dr. Ransri Perera, MD, CCFP-EM, P. Eng (Ontario), Dr. Melissa Holowaty, PhD, MD, CCFP (Ontario), Dr. Amber Hayward-Stewart, MD, CCFP, FCFP, Dip. Sports Medicine (Ontario), Dr. Tanya Tulipan, MD, FRCPC (Nova Scotia), Dr. Barbra Allen Bradshaw, MD, FRCPC (British Columbia), Dr. Andrea Tamm, MD, CCFP (Alberta), Dr. Katherine Kasha, MD, CCFP (Alberta), Dr. Miriam Mottiar, MD, MHSc, FRCPC (Ontario), Dr. Silvana Bolano Del Vecchio, MD, FRCPC (Ontario), Dr. Trina McIlhargey, MD, FRCPC, FRACP (Alberta), Dr. Alexandra Bojcevski, MD, FRCPC (Ontario), Dr Janice Lynn Wong, MD, CCFP, (British Columbia), Dr. Melanie Sohn, MD, CCFP-EM, Med (Alberta), Dr. Nadia Alam, MD, CCFP-A (Ontario), Dr. He Katharine Xing, MD, FRCPC (British Columbia), Dr. Alison Gregson, MD, FRCPC (British Columbia), Dr. Cora Constantinescu, MD, FRCPC (Alberta), Dr. Harpaul Cheema, MD, FRCPC, (Ontario), Dr. Julie Napolskikh, MD, PGY-2 FM (Ontario), Dr. John Holland, MD, FRCPC (Alberta), Dr Unjali Malhotra, MD, CCFP, NCMP (British Columbia), Dr. Katrina Sawatsky, MD, CCFP (Alberta), Dr. Zainab Abdurrahman, MD, FRCPC (Ontario), Dr. Adrienne Wong, MD, FRCSC (Ontario), Dr. Peter Kwan, MD, CCFP-EM (Alberta), Dr. Gerhard N. Kiefer, MD, FRCSC (Alberta), Dr. Shelley M. Graham, MDCM, CCFP (Alberta) [...]";

oh, all the fancy credentials!  Nice to see some concern finally, and not the usual 'head in the sand minding our own business' nonfeasance that the North American medical community usually engages in regarding naturopathic nonsense.  But, the focus of the letter shows just how out of touch the MD community has been regarding their own backyards: so many fissures and weaknesses in naturopathy weren't even mentioned.
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