Friday, April 15, 2016

A Tippling Philosopher at "The Quackery That is Homeopathy is Bullsh*t"

here, more homeopathy debunking:

001. Jonathan MS Pearce writes at 'A Tippling Philosopher at', in "Homeopathy Now Consigned to Dustbin of Ideas. Officially" (2016-04-15):

"well, if officially means by anyone with a brain who can use, analyse and reflect on empirical data.  An Australian meta-study has looked at 1800 studies, and has concluded that the quackery that is homeopathy is bullsh*t. No surprise. But it’s good to have such robust data to defend even the most obvious of claims. As Dead State explains: 'in a sweeping new Australian study, researchers have settled the question of homeopathy‘s effectiveness quite throughly: it simply doesn’t work'";

and yet the North American naturopathy racket engages in commerce with homeopathy with claims of it being "powerful" particularly for oncology.
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