Friday, April 8, 2016

Court: Australian 'Naturopathic' Mother Can't Just Use Nutrition For Her Son's Brain Cancer

here, news of a government intervention against parental intentions:

001. at, Regina Titeliush reports in "Perth Boy Ordered By Court to Receive Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy for Brain Tumor" (2016-04-08):

"the Family Court of WA [Western Australia] has ordered a six-year-old Perth boy receive chemotherapy for a malignant brain tumor against the wishes of his parents.  In November, Oshin [o'sheen] Kiszko was diagnosed with medulloblastoma which had spread from his brain to his spine. The tumor was removed on December 3 at Princess Margaret Hospital.  Doctors then advised a treatment of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, but after various meetings with doctors and the hospital ethics committee, his parents Angela Kiszko and Adrian Strachan refused to allow the treatment to proceed because of concerns about side effects.  Ms. Kiszko, who had studied naturopathy, said she was concerned about aggressive medical treatments after close family members had suffered and died from cancer.  Ms. Kiszko had intended to take Oshin overseas to receive alternative therapies that focused on nutrition [sounds like Gerson].  The hospital was successful in getting a Magistrate to stop Oshin's parents from taking the boy overseas after authorities put Oshin on an airport watch list.  With no sight of a resolution with the parents, the Child and Adolescent Health Service took legal action and on March 24, Family Court of WA Chief Judge Stephen Thackray ruled the treatment should start on Easter Sunday, a day after Oshin’s sixth birthday party.In an extract of his judgment, Chief Justice Thackray said the overriding criteria of a child’s best interests was a 'limit on parental power'[...]"; 

the diagnosis and treatment are trough enough without 'magic bean-thinking' interfering and delaying things.

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