Thursday, April 28, 2016 Horribly Defines "Naturopathic Medicine" and I Fix It

here, junk reporting I append:

001. attributed to The Canadian Press at, we're told in "What is Naturopathic Medicine?" (2016-04-26):

"what is naturopathy?  The Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors says naturopathic medicine aims to stimulate the body's own healing power to fight underlying causes of disease. Treatment of people of all ages with various health issues can include diet and lifestyle advice, botanical medicine, hydrotherapy, homeopathy, traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture [...]";

well, where's the context of all this?  Where's the THINKING?  This is a PR blurb merely.  So, let me fix it.

002. my fix:

"naturopathy is an unethical sectarian pseudoscience / a licensed falsehood essentially based upon absurd and archaic science-ejected ideas and employing as extensions of those ideas absurd and archaic science-ejected methods that can best be described as pseudodiagnostic, pseudotherapeutic, and therein, in sum, pseudomedical."

003. and I'll quote from the opening of the Podcast:

This podcast series is my take on naturopathic medicine, an area I've been studying for about twenty years, including my time in so-called 'scientific nonsectarian naturopathic medical school'.  My approach is a pairing of scientific skepticism and a deep knowledge of naturopathy's intimate details. In previous episodes of this series, I established that naturopathy is, essentially, a kind of knowledge blending, misrepresentation, and irrationality.  I have termed naturopathy both 'an epistemic conflation falsely posing itself as an epistemic delineation' and 'the naturopathillogical': the science-exterior is mixed with what is scientific, then that whole muddle is absurdly claimed to be science as an entire category, while particular sectarian science-ejected oath-obligations and -requirements are coded or camouflaged, therein effectively disguising naturopathy's system of beliefs in public view. Naturopathy's ultimate achievement is a profound erosion of scientific integrity and freedom of belief packaged in the marketing veneers "natural, holistic, integrative and alternative" and improperly embedded in the academic category "science".
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