Sunday, April 10, 2016

Do SCNM's "Free" Sage Clinics Exploit the Poor?

here, my musings on what naturpathy in Arizona does with the poor:

001. at Facebook, SCNM recently posted:
it says "our nonprofit Sage Foundation has 9 local clinics that offer free health care to disadvantaged families and children"

so, obviously, there isn't money changing hands, but are the poor being exploited to believe that such naturopathic things as homepathy are legitimate?  And of course, theyr'e building a customer base, who may in the future PAY.  The link I embedded in the quote above states: "the community clinics serve patients with the best of conventional medicine (e.g. prescription medicines, lab work), preventative and alternative medicine (e.g. acupuncture, clinical nutrition, supplements, homeopathy)." Spreading nonsense, freely.  Homeopathy is niether preventative or alternative BECAUSE IT DOESN'T DO ANYTHING.  So, I see this as a form of exploitation of the needy to forward SCNM's naturopathillogical agenda...

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