Thursday, April 7, 2016

'Fraudulent' for Years BCNA Fights Back Against the National Post's Naturopathy Criticism

here, a screen capture of a BCNA Facebook post and my comments on an obvious reversal of values:

001. so, from Facebook, you get:
and it states:

"wait, the National Post got it wrong? [...] don't rush to blame the parents in baby Ezekiel Stephan's death";

what BCNA doesn't seem to get is that if it isn't the parents fault, it's moreso the Province's and naturopathy's.  I think in stating that 'the NP Picazo piece is not-so-much about the parents' as the Libertarian lawyer's crappy rebuttal claims, by supporting the rebuttal, it only gets WORSE for naturopathy.

002. and this is the BCNA who quite falsely have stated in "The Nature of Naturopathic Medicine" since 2014:

"naturopathic medicine is science based natural medicine [...] a science-based platform [...] a comprehensive foundation in the biological and biomedical sciences [...] primary health care, in the same scientific fashion [....including] homeopathy [...] the ND is an eclectic medical degree!";

this is epistemic fraud.  BCNA is quite here WRONG, and quite here nonsensically muddled.  Not the NP piece.
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