Saturday, April 16, 2016

NCNM ND Skowron's Supplement Line for World Autism Day, on NBC Connecticut

here, that kind of crap journalism that is credulous.  Not an ounce of qualified counterpoint:

001. at Facebook, we're told by the account Pediatric & Family Center for Natural Medicine (2016-04-15):

"[from the Facebook post] Pediatric and Family Center for Natural Medicine [account...] watch my latest autism health segment on NBC.  This for World Autism Day. Shows my new expanded line of 7 products for ADHD and autism!"

NCNM is the alma mater of ND Skowron.  So let's go to YouTube.

002. at, from the very active "DrSkowron" account, there's the linked-to video "Autism Treatments That Work!", which is QUITE the claim, (uploaded 2016-04-15) which states:

"[from the description] [...] autism numbers are increasing, but there is hope! The correct natural treatments can improve language, behavior, sleep, and development. Do everything you can for your child! [...and from the video, the ND states] what's really important because the rates of autism are growing so quickly [with eyes going crazy as usual...] he's asked 'how can this be treated?' The ND says] the earier the intervention, the better the chance to recover [...with] external treatments [...] the other set of interventions, what we specialize in my clinic, are internal therapies [...for] nutritional deficiencies [...and] hyperbaric oxygen treatment [...] the more oxygen we can get into the brain then the quicker it heals [...yet] currently there is no cure for autism [...] we really need to supplement [and we see the pills labeled Spectrum Awakening...] there is hope, there is chance [...]";

if autism can't be cured, what's being sold here?  False hope? is ND Skowron's retail outlet.  So, the blackmail idea is that if you don't do THIS, you are not doing EVERYTHING.  How adamant!

003. is ND Skowron's retail outlet:

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