Sunday, April 3, 2016

NYANP Licensure Plea is Really 'Quackery in a Preventative Medicine Trojan Horse'

here, some excerpts and comments on a recent NYANP video that pleas for ND licensure in New York State:

001. ND Bongiorno states, in the NYANP video "Support Naturopathic Medicine Being Licensed in New York, Dr. Peter Bongiorno" [vsc 2016-04-03]:


"I'm Dr. Peter Bongiorno and I'm President of the New York Association of Naturopathic Physicians [...] I'm here to talk to you about healthcare and how you and I can change it for the better [...]  according to the New York State Department of Health, 60% of New Yorkers will die of chronic but preventable disease [...] accordign to the Centers for Disease Control, 75% of our healthcare dollars go to treat chronic preventable disease [...] now that's not curing those diseases, that simply maintaining them [...] in 2005, the New England Journal of Medicine published a paper stating that in that year, children who were born would not live as long as their parents [...] it's interesting because, if you go to the NYS Department of Health web site, they say one of their top priorities is to bring in preventative healthcare and wellness to the healthcare system in New York and yet they will not license naturopathic doctors [...] naturopathic doctors are the answer to the healthcare crisis [...] naturopathic doctors are trained in four-year, post graduate medical schools, are trained in both conventional care and at the highest level in holistic and natural care modalities [...]";

so, the ND claims NDs are preventable disease experts, that's their disguise, their Trojan Horse.  That they are the answer.  But I'm quite familiar with naturopathy school.  I went to naturopathy school, where science is considered anything, including the abjectly science-ejected.  Homeopathy considered science is typical of naturopathic misrepresentation, and that's their reality.  So, THAT'S NOT AN ANSWER for issues that are medical. Even ND Bongiorno has homeopathy as a service at his practice.  That's abject quackery and quite the indicator how how NOT "highest level" naturopathy education is.

"New Yorkers are being held back [...] the Medical Society of the State of New York will not allow naturopathic medicine to be licensed [...] the representatives of the medical doctors [...] we've had a bill for about ten years that has gone fairly far in the legislature but keeps getting blocked by the Medical Society [...]";

I appload the MSSNY and send them materials periodically. They SHOULD be blocking quackery, and actually ethically speaking, they MUST.  Medicine's code of ethics requires it.

"the other thing you can do is send this video to everybody you know [...]";

I share, I share.  It's the least I can do to protect the citizens of the State I was born in.
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