Tuesday, April 12, 2016

scotsman.com on Homeopathy: Faith Healing Not Science, Useless Deception

here, criticism of homeopathy from Scotland:

001. at scotsman.com, Donald Cairns, "Head of the School of Pharmacy and Life Sciences at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen",  writes in "There’s Science and There’s Homeopathy" (2016-04-13):

"homeopathy is promoted as a centuries old form of medical treatment based on the principles that 'like cures like' [...a] form of faith-healing [...] belief, unsupported by any scientific principles or evidence [...] homeopathic ‘treatments’ also undergo clinical trials, and are consistently shown to be ‘no better than placebo’. A recent study concluded that homeopathy was effective in zero out of 68 conditions studied [...]";

there you go.

"the treatment of disease should be ‘evidence based’ and founded on strict principles of therapeutic benefit to the patient versus risk to the patient  [...] I have been a pharmacist for nearly 35 years and in that time, I have taught science to many hundreds of students of pharmacy and chemistry [...] students are told that homeopathic preparations are no better than placebo and their continued use is scientifically unsound. The only conclusion I can reach is that pharmacists who supply homeopathic preparations are doing so in the knowledge that the product they supply is useless and are therefore deceiving the customer. This conclusion does not reflect well on my profession and, in fact, shames all of us [...]";

hear, hear.  As someone who teaches an introductory pharmacology course usually throughout the year, I concur.
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