Tuesday, May 17, 2016

'Barry Cooper For Naturopathy': Political Science Against Science Hypocrisy!

here, my criticism of a naturopathy defender:

*there is a huge logical fallacy going on here: the problems of modern medicine do not excuse naturopathy's problems.  But Mr. Cooper seems to think so, and wants to persuade us so.

001. @troymedia.com, Barry Cooper, "professor of political science at the University of Calgary", writes in "Naturopathy Draws Hostility It Doesn't Deserve" (2016-05-13):

"[the trial of] Ezekiel Stephan [...] has put an intense if unfair spotlight on naturopathy [...] Ezekiel's parents used naturopathic medicine, thus attracting the hostility of clinical, mainstream, allopathic, scientific etc. physicians and their supporters [...]";

so, the writer is which a rhetorician, I'll grant him that.  He has weird values: 'scientific medicine bad'.  Weird.  The same science that gives him his status as someone of "political science", e.g. RIGOR supposedly, is the same science that shows how bogus naturopathy is, through RIGOR.  This is quite an hypocrisy: picking what you want to be rigorous, aka holy cows.  Naturopathy is a holy cow for him.

"naturopaths (as their name suggests) see their job as assisting the natural healing ability of the body [...]";

so, coded vitalism by the author, who likely doesn't seem to know that this expression is a veneer for naturopathy's vitalistic, teleological, spiritistic article of faith.  "Naturopath" is not so evident as an explanation of naturopathy.  "Path" means disease, 'natur' means something.  Not sure what.  Natural, of nature, aka nebulosity.  Their name is not a value, it is an unassigned variable suggesting deceit.

"what is distrusted is the superiority assumed by so many mainstream physicians.  And that distrust is entirely warranted [...] get off your high horse [...] 'heal thyself' [...e.g. mainstream] medical error is the third leading cause of death [...]";

my dear Mr. Cooper, your argumentation is not sound.  The errors or attitude of mainstream medicine do not forgive the errors of naturopathy.  The criticisms of naturopathy stand or fall on their own merit.  This guy holds a full professorship?  I feel sorry for his students.
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