Friday, May 27, 2016 on Homeopathy: "Stop the Nonsense" and Outlaw Homeopathy!

here, scientific criticism of homeopathy:

001. Fabian Schmidt writes in "Stop the Nonsense: Homeopathy Has no Place in Medicine" (2016-05-25):

"homeopathy is nothing but an obscure mistaken belief [...] this hocus-pocus is no more scientific than Santeria incantations by Haitian voodoo priests [...] homeopathy has been clearly proven to be pharmaceutically useless in proper medical trials [...] scientific knowledge today is precise, thorough and verifyable. That's why the medical profession must not allow medicine to be devalued by unscientific and ideologically tainted belief-systems from the Napoleonic era. There must be no place for such arbitrariness in this noble scientific discipline.  Doctors need to take a stand [...] homeopathy must be outlawed [...]"; 

hear, hear.

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