Wednesday, May 25, 2016 former-ND Hermes Warns "Naturopaths are Not Who They Say they Are"

here, criticism of naturopathy 'from within':

001. former-ND Hermes of Naturopathic Diaries writes in "Naturopaths Have Weaseled Their Way into the Health Care System, and They Want More" (2015-05-22) at

"NDs are currently licensed or registered in 18 U.S. states and five Canadian provinces [...] to get here, naturopaths have held a consistent campaign to promote their practices as competent, scientific, and trustworthy [...] naturopaths are currently engaged in an intensive lobbying effort at the Capitol in order to gain recognition as medical practitioners and inclusion in Medicare. As a retired naturopath who was licensed in two states, I want to offer a primer to this political maneuver: Naturopaths are not who they say they are [...]"; 

transparency is bad for business, in Naturopathyland.  And lawmakers are quite shallow in their vetting, I have observed. 

"the naturopathic standard is to choose magic over medicine [...e.g.] to further the presentation of validity, naturopaths often mention that their licensing exam, the NPLEX, is a [supposedly] rigorous test of medical knowledge that [supposedly] ensures standards of care yet, for a child struggling to breathe, the naturopaths who wrote the NPLEX decided that homeopathy — an incontrovertibly debunked placebo therapy — is a valid choice [...]";

well it is NPLEX that writes that homeopathy is a "core clinical science" in Naturopathy Science Equals Fiction Land. 

"given such an education, it is impossible for naturopaths to be safe and effective medical practitioners who use standards of care and engage scientific reason [...]"; 

hear, hear.

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