Sunday, May 1, 2016 on Naturopathy: 'Those Ignorant of the Past Are Doomed To...'

here, wisdom in the sense of history:

001., Jill Drews reports in "Doctors Want Government to Do Better Job of Pointing Out Pitfalls of Alternative Medicines" (2016-05-01):

"alternative or naturopathic remedies [...] Dr. Lloyd Oppal with Doctors of BC says the government isn’t checking the scientific effectiveness of treatments on offer [...that] 'when that happens and that step is skipped, then you wind up with a situation where the decision about what is good treatment is perhaps given to folks who may not be practicing scientifically proven medicine [...] deaths of vulnerable people like children, which are horrible tragic cases,  are unfortunately what it takes to spark a scientific debate that we had in the last century. We seem to being having that debate again because those lessons are not so well remembered' [...]";

hear, hear.
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