Monday, June 13, 2016

The Naturopathic Medicine Institute: 'We Don't Need Your Stink'in Science' We Have Vitalism

here, a lift from the Facebook account of the Naturopathic Medicine Institute:

001. here's what was posted 2016-06-01:

 and I quote:

"we don't need science to tell us how our vitalism therapies work - they just do [...] the mechanism is in the vis - good luck finding that [...] smiling because Vitalism Medicine Secrets can not be revealed to people living in the old paradigm.  #‎naturecure‬ ‪#‎vitalism‬ ‪#‎hydrotherapy‬ ‪#‎stimulatetheVIS‬ ‪#‎newparadigm‬ [...]";

ah, science exterior aka vitalistic certainties and secrets, as new though actually rubbished archiacism.  Funny how three of the North American naturopathy schools term naturopathy directly "science." 

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