Friday, July 22, 2016

Australia's Sting's Oz Homeopath's Fake Vaccines

here, an Oz sting on that fakest of fakenesses, homeopathy: 

001. Rose Brennan at reports in "Brisbane Homeopath Cyena Caruana Selling Vaccinations and Boosters Made From Refined Sugar" (2016-07-22):

"a Brisbane woman [...] homeopath Cyena Caruana [...] selling homeopathic vaccinations or boosters for diseases including whooping cough, polio, meningococcal and malaria has been found to be selling nothing but refined sugar [...]";

because that's what homeopathy is. 

"the Courier-Mail obtained Ms Caruana’s vaccination and booster pilules for adults traveling to Morocco, Egypt and Europe from her Homeopathy at Home business. Expert pharmacists at the Queensland University of Technology then tested them, revealing them to be sugar [...]";

physical evidence through a postal system is always great evidence. 

"Australian Medical Association of Queensland president Dr Chris Zappala slammed the sale of the sugar products and called for an investigation by the health ombudsman [...] 'it is crazy and it’s very dangerous' [...]";

it certainly is both.
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