Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The World Naturopathy Foundation Report: 'We Are Essentially Sectarian Pseudoscience'

here, the global naturopathic consensus that they are based upon science-ejected vitalism, NOW:

001. a Facebook post (2016-07-13):
alerted me to the new Report.
002. so I went to the site,, and downloaded the new PDF "WNF Naturopathic Roots Report: Findings from the Naturopathic Roots Committee Survey" [2016 archived].  The document states:

"as described in Chart 12 the common theories and philosophies [...of naturopathy include] vital force (vis vitalis) / theory of vitality."

and, of course as I often mention, "vis vitalis" is chosen by the Next Generation Science Standards as an EPITOME of the science-ejected. While naturopathy calls such categorically "science."  A central participant in the WNF is the AANMC, the North American naturopathy school consortia.

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