Wednesday, August 24, 2016

When NPR Reporting is Horrible Journalism: Naturopathy

here, my criticism of NPR reporting:

001. Patrick Skahill reports, at, in "Should Naturopathic Doctors Be Allowed To Write Prescriptions?" [2016 archived]:

"you’ve probably heard of M.D.s, medical doctors, but what about another type of physician: N.D.s? Now, naturopathic doctors want to be allowed prescribing rights in Connecticut [...]";

is that really a good idea?  Because...

"Connecticut hosts one of only a handful of naturopathic medical colleges in North America at the University of Bridgeport [...]";

because UB naturopathy claims that such FAKE PHARMACY as homeopathy is "science."  And this is so simple to see.  Without such in this NPR report, we are hugely in the land of bad journalism.

"in Connecticut, a naturopath needs to write a referral, which Brady [UB's vice provost] says doesn’t properly serve patients and undercuts the competency level of N.D.s [...]";

the irony is killing me: how is society served by this pseudoscience, and how is this pseudoscience then competent at all?  Oh please, NPR, get your head out of your ass and get some fact-finding chops.
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