Saturday, September 3, 2016 The Vis That Dare Not Speak Its Vitalism [as usual]

here, coded vitalism because we don't deserve to know so we can then understand:

001., we're told in "Student Designs New Mural in Fitness Room" (2016-08-29):

"a lifelong athlete and artist, naturopathic medicine student Kelly Buechel connects those passions with the creation of an inspirational mural depicting 'vis medicatrix naturae' [...] the healing power of nature now greets Bastyr University students as they walk into the refurbished fitness room, thanks to the vision and creativity of Bastyr student Kelly Buechel [...] from left to right, the mural morphs from a beehive into chemical symbols, then returns to nature with fruit [...] then moves into medicinal herbs and foods [...] a student in the doctor of naturopathic medicine program, Buechel and her classmates each were asked to focus on one of the principles of naturopathic medicine for their creative projects [...#2] the healing power of nature, vis medicatrix naturae [...] Buechel’s choice of vis medicatrix naturae turned out to be a natural fit for the exercise room. 'I really wanted to focus on natural elements,' she said, 'but I also wanted to incorporate science and chemistry' [...]"; 

so naturopathy's VMN-HPN.  Depicted in items that have nothing to do with what that concept really is: vitalism.  Instead, it's falsely portrayed as a naturalistic thing, as "natural elements", like plants and such, and science.  If you really want to get to an actually accurate depiction of the idea, see's page "Singer-Songwriter-Naturopathic Student: Debbie Miller’s Double Act" [2016 archived].  Those are quite different contexts.  And Bastyr quite inaccurately calls this science, but science contains science not nonscience and is transparent about things.
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