Thursday, September 1, 2016

Ernst Schwacks Iridology at

here, diagnostic nonsense and a couple of NDs in North America who promote it:

001., Edzard Ernst writes in "Iridology: Prince Charles May Like It, But the Evidence Shows It’s Bogus" (2016-08-31):

"iridologists claim to be able to identify medical conditions or predispositions to disease through abnormalities of pigmentations in the iris [...] based on these results, iridology is clearly not a valid or useful diagnostic tool. First, the method is implausible: there is no anatomical or physiological basis for its assumptions. Second, the available clinical evidence does not support its usefulness as a diagnostic tool. In other words, iridology is bogus";

and yet here's a naturopathy practice in Ontario, Canada [here; 2016 archived] by way of ND Bender [NUNM ND 1979] and ND Kieswetter [CCNM ND 2000].
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