Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Naturopaths' IgG Testing "Not Recommended": CMAJ Article

here, bad news for one of naturopathy's pseudodiagnostics:

001. Shamona Harnett reports at winnipegfreepress.com in "Scientific Review Refutes Tests Performed by Alternative Practitioners" (2016-09-19):

"patients’ lack of understanding about allergies and perceived food sensitivities has led them to avoid foods they don’t have to and could result in nutritional deficiencies, a new scientific review published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal says [...authored by] Winnipeg allergist Dr. Elissa Abrams and New York allergist Dr. Scott H. Sicherer [...] the article, published on Sept. 6, discourages Immunoglobulin G (IgG) testing offered by alternative practitioners such as naturopaths [..which] can cost hundreds of dollars [...] Abrams says such tests lead to unnecessary avoidance of foods patients may not be allergic to [...]"; 

so, orthorhexia by way of pseudodiagnostics. But don't worry, naturopaths have a whole arsenal of bogus tests left to choose from, if they even listen to this article and stop their unjustifiable IgG testing.
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