Thursday, September 15, 2016

ND Zeff in NDNR 09-2016: Homeopathic Nosodes Are Better Than Vaccines

here, some crazy, really crazy:

001. Zeff, J.L. (ND NCNM), who "along with [ND] Pamela Snider is the author
of the modern definition of naturopathic medicine", writes in "Vaccines for Seniors" in Naturopathic Doctor News and Review 09-2016:

"let us explore some of the literature on the subject [...]"; 

cherry picking alert!

"so, there are 'naturopathic' alternatives to the vaccines, which are cheaper, effective, and carry no risk of harm. Why would anyone want to use vaccines, with their expense and potential for harm, when one could use these simple, effective, inexpensive, and harmless methods? [...] the vaccine may, in fact, increase the risk of death from the flu, increase the risk of contracting the flu rather than reducing the risk, and increase the risk of having a worse case of the flu [...]";

so, here we have antivaccine propaganda.  And this is what is considered effective...

"here is what I recommend [...] specifically, I recommend the use of homeopathic nosodes
and specific remedies to stimulate immunity, as opposed to vaccines. I have found them to be effective, and  they are harmless - there is absolutely no potential for harm. I usually use the 200C potency, though there is new literature out of India suggesting that a 30C potency may be better [...] for shingles, specifically, I use Rhus tox homeopathically, as well as Herpes zoster nosode, 30C or 200C, as a preventive [...] the primary method I used to help restore and stabilize her platelet count was the homeopathic nosode of TDaP (200C) [...]";

magic beans, unicorn tears, and flying carpets are not effective and not preventative.  This is CRAZY.
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