Monday, October 31, 2016

Don't Have A Creepy Naturopathic Halloween: My 2000 NPLEX Basic Science Transcript, 2016

here, I show my ND licensure exam Part 1 NPLEX scores, from 2000, and share some thoughts:

001. well, I just paid NABNE $25 to have a piece of paper mailed to me by USPS that likely took 1 minute to print and put in an envelope.  I'm in the wrong business.  Here it is:
so, we took tests in anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pathology, and microbiology in 2000.   All my scores were passing but rather not exciting.  But, considering how half-assed the instruction was for two years, I'm not disappointed.  So, supposedly these areas serve as a "base" for naturopathic medicine, since called "basic".   In support of that, let me remind that the school I went to, the University of Bridgeport, categorically labels naturopathy "science"  [also here].  Creeps because...

002. did you know, within this "science" assurance is:

002.a. the science-ejected homeopathic;

002.b. the science-exterior supernatural;

003. very very creepy. Beware of sectarian monsters...

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