Thursday, October 20, 2016

former-ND Hermes Licensed Naturopathy is "Essentially Witchcraft"

here, former-ND Britt Hermes lets naturopathy have it.  I include a few excerpts below and some commentary:
001. at, Megan Thielking writes in "‘Essentially Witchcraft’: A Former Naturopath Takes on Her Colleagues" (2016-10-20) [2016 archived]:

"naturopathy [is] a broad-reaching form of alternative medicine that focuses on 'natural' care, including herbal remedies, acupuncture, and the discredited practice of homeopathy [...] homeopathy has been widely debunked as pseudoscience [...]";

hear, hear.

"for the past two years, Hermes has been waging a scathing fight against naturopathy on social media, in science blogs, and on her own website, Naturopathic Diaries, which just won a 'best blog of the year' award from a scientific skepticism magazine in the United Kingdom [...]"'


"'naturopaths dislike me, but they loathe Britt because she’s a traitor,' said Dr. David Gorksi, the managing editor of Science-Based Medicine, who has also spoken out against the naturopathic industry. 'They really, really, really hate her' [...]";

ah, to be hated!  There's nothing like a good enemy.  I, myself, have been called "deranged" by an ND, and a douche bag by another. 

"Dean Guiltinan disputes her assessment [stating] 'the curriculum at Bastyr is quite rigorous' [...]";

well, rigorous doesn't mean rational or authentic.  For instance, there's Bastyr's statement, which frames naturopathy epistemically and ontologically: "science-based natural medicine [...that encompasses the position] respecting the healing power of nature [HPN] and recognizing that body, mind and spirit are intrinsically inseparable, we model an integrated approach to education, research and clinical service."  So, the irrationality of science subset the supernatural, with HPN being coded vitalism.  So quite opaque, quite not authentic.  Quite a belief system falsely labeled science, academically-clinically-politically.
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