Monday, December 26, 2016

Brian Regal on Science and Pseudoscience

here, some good words:

001. at, Brian Regal who "teaches the history of science and pseudoscience at Kean University", writes in "Sorry, Santa - Science Skeptics Must be Stopped, For Our Own Sake" (2016-12-24) [2016 saved]:

"pseudoscience will be a major part of the new White House administration. Pseudoscience is a rejection of scientific reality and an adoption of fantasy. The ideas that certain ethnic groups are inferior to others, that humans have no impact upon the environment, that health regulations such as vaccination laws actually harm us are all examples of pseudoscience [...] you have a right to reality. Don't let anyone take it away from you. To steal reality is to steal your future, to steal your freedom. Do you want to be a rebel in the 21st century? Then take positions based upon facts and evidence rather than bluster and emptiness. The new heroes will be those brave enough to embrace science and history rather than fear them. They will be the ones who do not lie [...]";; 

hear, hear.
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