Thursday, December 1, 2016

My Request to the FTC About Naturopathy Doctorates' False Science Categorical Label

here, just another request to the FTC:

001. as a comment to the FTC article "OTC Homeopathic Drugs: Established FTC Proof Standards Apply" that recently went up, I wrote [I've added hypertext links the the version below]:

“The Naturocrit Podcast and Blog:

This is great news, particularly in terms of consumer informed consent:

since the FDA was hamstring (or unwilling), you stepped up to the plate in terms of marketplace governance.

I am interested in an FTC opinion regarding:

a) fully-accredited (actually multiply-accredited) in-residence naturopathy degrees in the U.S. that claim, contrary to this enforcement policy for homeopathy for instance, that homeopathy and kind is squarely SCIENCE

b) and also, actually, specifically, that the supernatural is squarely SCIENCE, and what clearly is implausible and without evidence is squarely SCIENCE.

I've been writing letters for years:

like the FDA, it seems that Federal and States' Departments of Education and Consumer Protection either are

a) hamstrung, committed-colluding, or simply do not care

b) about this egregious, unmerchantable product on the market called 'a naturopathy doctorate' that has Title IV access though academically CATEGORICALLY fraudulent.

There are lots of 'shoulds' to ask, such as should:

AANMC-AANP naturopathy be allowed to falsely MARKET the contents and activities of naturopathy as categorically / broadly SCIENCE?

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002. the comment might be approved for the above FTC page by FTC. The article is attribututed to:

Lesley Fair, "a Senior Attorney with the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, where she has represented the FTC in numerous investigations of deceptive advertising and consumer fraud."
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