Monday, December 12, 2016

Naturopathy's Manipulative Opacity: Yale-Bridgeport Hospital and ND Garilli

here, two versions of communicating naturopathy with one ND in common.  One is transparent / patent pseudoscience and sectarian belief, the other is opaque / omitted pseudoscience and sectarian belief:

001. Yale New Haven Health at Bridgeport Hospital tells us in "Naturopathy" [vsc 2016-12-10]:

"naturopathy's main goal is to use the natural healing power of the body to fight disease, also known as the vis or life force [...] naturopathic therapies may include [...] homeopathy [...which is of] natural and lifestyle therapeutics  [...of] naturally-oriented therapies [...] online medical reviewer: Garilli, Bianca, ND";

so, that's vitalism, in full-color!  And there's the ND oddly termed "medical", though medicine is a different profession than naturopathy.  And nowhere are we told this idea of a life force is bogus as a biological premise.

002. at ND Garilli's practice, and this appears to be the same person, Northern California Center for Lifestyle Medicine, we're told:

002a. in her bio. that she's a Bastyr ND graduate who:

"frequently uses botanical and homeopathic medicine, nutritional supplementation, and thyroid and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy [...]";

of course.  Homeopathy: always bogus, frequently used.

002.b. AND her practice pages have no explanation of naturopathy that I can find:

how opaque -- nothing for force, power, medicatrix, or principles -- because people don't deserve to know, so they then can decide.

002.c. yet her consent form [2016 archived] states:

"I _____________________, consent and agree to the Treatment and Supplements recommended for me from Northern California Center for Lifestyle Medicine from the following choices [...including] energy medicine – use of craniosacral therapy, muscle energy testing and emotional freedom technique (EFT) [...] I take full responsibility for my health during treatments and hold Northern California Center for Lifestyle Medicine and Dr. Bianca Garilli, ND free from any legal liability [...]"; 

nonsense without liability!  But of course actual professionals HAVE a legal liability for nonsense.  So, this is consent without being fully informed, being that naturopathy's bogus 'nature' is not explained as exactly that kind of nonsense, that naturopathy's methods and ideas aren't explained as exactly that.
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