Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Changelog 2017-01-24 and ND Video

here, I summarize recent additions to my public naturopathy database.  I also link to an ND's video each changelog, quote from, and tag the video in some detail:

[Mission emphasis: I do this continuous exercise to expose the inherent fraud that naturopathy is logically, academically, commercially, legislatively / politically and clinically.  Hugely misleading category labels such as "science based" and "evidence based" "nonsectarian" are being placed upon what truly is science-exterior and even more so disproven sectarian / quack nonsense!  Then, the largest of betrayals toward the public occurs with highly orchestrated '.gov' endorsements of naturopaths as "licensed" and "professional."  Beware, the naturopathic licensed falsehood racket marches on!]

001. added:

the vitalism [science-ejected subset naturopathy] claims of:

the AANMC;

the 'science subset naturopathy' category claims of:

ND Pizzorno;

'naturopathy blends':

ND Briggs;


"Cape Cod Naturopathic Doctor
(2017-01-22; & 2017 archived; & saved):

"The Naturocrit Podcast and Blog: So
we are ASSURED: rigor, science, mainstream.
Then why oh why is there so much science-ejected
junk within current naturopathy education and 
unstandard of care? I notice the article dare not
mentions ND-mandatory: homeopathy,
supernaturalism, vitalism, pseudoscience. -r.c.";

002. video link and commentary:

from the YouTube account for "Integrative Therapeutics" there's the video "Joseph Pizzorno - The Challenges in Founding Bastyr University - Integrative Wisdom" (2016) [saved 2017-01-15] which states:

"when I started Bastyr, I coined the term 'science-based natural medicine' [...]";

and that's a really, really intersting admission.  It's often said he did it in 1978.  And science so much perpetually within naturopathy is science-ejected or science-exterior, wow.  Almost 40 years of falsehood: stating science subset vitalism, supernaturalism, homeopathy, Unani medicine and the like.
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