Monday, February 13, 2017

Despicable Assurances of Curability: NDs Kerr and Skowron of Connecticut

here, the wackaloon promises of naturopaths and their institutions:

001. at "Pediatric and Family Center for Natural Medicine", NDs Kerr, N. (ND UBCNM) and Skowron, J.M. (ND NCNM) write in "Conditions" [2017 archived]:

"the wonderful power of naturopathic medicine is that it encourages our bodies to heal itself. A well-nourished body, like the plant that grows out of the pavement, can overcome any illness or ailment";

that's quite a promise: nutrition can fix ANYTHING.  Well, this is remarkable but it's NOT true.  For instance, Type 1 diabetics on insulin for life, where is their remarkable 'overcoming' at the hands of these NDs?  There is no such thing that I can find.  It would be remarkable.  I'm sure the NDs have an out to explain that reality.

002. where does such DISPICABILITY, the ability to be so despicable, come from?  The ND's educational institutions, of course:

002.a. there's UBCNM falsely claiming that naturopathy's contents are categorically science when such is not true;

002.b. there's NCNM now NUNM claiming similar.

003. ah, the apples and the trees they fall from.
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