Friday, March 3, 2017

AANMC's ND Yanez: Study College Science Well For Our Science-Ejected Based Naturopathy Doctorate

here, the naturopathillogical, excerpted / in microcosm:

001. ND Yanez (SCNM), the AANMC's executive director, states in "Naturopathic Medicine 101" (2017)[saved 2017-03-02]:

"[from the description] naturopathic medicine: where the rigors of modern science meet the healing power of nature [...] NDs help patients harness their innate power to heal themselves [...and per ND Yanez, spoken or slides] it really uses the body's innate ability to heal itself [...] our innate ability to heal [...] healing lies within ourselves [...] it's honoring this innate ability to heal ourselves [...] six principles of naturopathic medicine [...] naturopathic medicine in focused on the six principles [...] these are really core to what makes a naturopathic doctor a naturopathic doctor [...] as long as that practitioner is following these 6 principles [...] and the therapeutic order [...#4] the healing power of nature [...] the innate ability to heal ourselves [...] the therapeutic order [...] stimulate the self-healing mechanisms, recognizee the vis medicatrix naturae [...] stimulate the healing power of nature [...] the vitality [...] that natural vitality [...] there are so many different ways that we can stimulate self-healing mechanisms [...] we're talking about the vital force [...] that innate ability to heal itself [...];"

so, there you go, science-ejected vitalism explicit and coded.  From the top of the ND schools' consortia / pyramid. 

"[and naturopathy is] the art and science [...] accredited naturopathic medical schools [...] that we represent at AANMC [...include] National University of Health Sciences [...] if you go to our website [...] [...] you can request information from any of the schools that you'd like [...] the beauty of the naturopathic degree [...] the one degree [...] it opens up the doors [...] study well in your science courses [...]";

so, that's quite the ASSURANCE: accredited science.  Yet, then, why the "vital force" and its codings at the heart of naturopathy?  Quite pathillogical thinking.

"many students do take out student loans [...] there are research requirements [...] I just actually came from a meeting with all of the deans last week [...] I don't want to give you misinformation [...]";

ah, the money, and vitalism as science-ejected is quite as I've shown ELEMENTARY, the coordination of this ruse, and an assurance of accuracy.  BUT, science subset naturopathy subset vitalism and kind is QUITE misinformed.
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