Saturday, March 18, 2017

North Carolina's Naturopathy is Junk Science, Its Homeopathy Pseudoscience

here, criticism of naturopathy from a North Carolina newspaper's editorial page:

001. at, the editorial "Our Opinion: State Support For Junk Science is a Bitter Pill" (2017-03-16) states:

"James Randi raises the bottle of sleeping pills to his lips and drains it as if it were a shot glass [...] the pill bottles contain a popular brand of homeopathic sleep aid. Randi suffers no ill effects from the massive overdose — the tablets don’t yield so much as a yawn.The demonstration shows homeopathy, the practice of diluting a compound in water until there is no measurable trace of it left, to be ineffective [...] overpriced placebos [...]";

hear, hear.

"four North Carolina lawmakers have introduced a bill that would give undue credibility to junk science like homeopathy by licensing 'naturopathic doctors' and establishing a state regulatory board [ doing so] lawmakers run the risk of legitimizing quackery and misleading patients into thinking a medical doctor and a naturopath are on equal footing [...] designated Senate Bill 258, it would create a seven-member board to license naturopaths, investigate complaints against them and administer disciplinary action.  SB 258 lists several forms of 'alternative health care'— think 'alternative facts' — that licensed naturopaths could practice under state approval. They include homeopathy, hydrotherapy and electromagnetic therapy, all of which the medical research community regards as pseudoscience [...] Senate Bill 258 is a toxic tincture that would sanction junk science [...]";

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