Saturday, April 29, 2017

unNDs versus NDs: Blatant Impersonation, Sanctioned Impersonation

here, I look at my feed and muse:

001. so, by way of the alert "naturopathic", there's this at

and what catches my eye are the articles "Naturopathic Doctor Indicted for Defrauding Patients. WVTM13 [...and] Claimed Naturopathic Hoover Doctor Indicted for Defrauding Cancer Patients. Alabama's News Leader." The accused, "Isabel Kesari Gervais", is not of the AANP-CAND type ND, apparently, who attend in-residence schools and can be generally licensed as NDs.  I'll call this blatant impersonation.

002.  now, generally speaking, naturopathy itself is fraudulent but specifically it is fraudulent EVEN when of the in-residence kind:

for instance, the entities above falsely label categorically as "science" the patently science-exterior. What does in-residence naturopathy that is fully licensed create, therein: licensed falsehood.  Like the AANP, still to this day, and for 5 outrageous years and counting, claiming that homeopathy is a science.  I'll call this sanctioned impersonation.

003. and finally on the list is former-ND Hermes's "California Has A Deadly Problem With Regulating Naturopathic Doctors Forbes" at, which offers a refreshing criticism 'from the inside', of this racket / impersonation / falsehood.
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