Thursday, May 11, 2017

Albany Times Union Promotes Homeopathy Pseudoscience via MD Tobin and DO Malerba

here, promotion of nonsense with the "MD" and "DO" imprimatur:

001. at, in "Homeopathy Explained" (2017-05-11; 2017 archived), MD Tobin's "holistic health" column, guest DO Malerba writes:

"homeopathy is a very specific scientific system of medical therapeutics [...] to some ideologues who view homeopathy as a threat to the mainstream medical paradigm, homeopathy constitutes scientific heresy. Critics of homeopathy argue that such a paradoxical effect makes no scientific sense [...] skeptics also tend to repeat false talking points, especially the claim that there is no scientific research to back up homeopathy. To the contrary, there are literally thousands of research trials [...] many of which support the biological activity and therapeutic benefits of homeopathic remedies. Those who claim otherwise are spreading fake homeopathic news [...]"; 

now, this soft-brained epistemic position ethically STINKS.  Medicine, particularly MD and DO type modern medicine, is ethically required to support scientific integrity as its basis.  It is quite false to label homeopathy science.  And in attacking skepticism and criticism of homeopathy, which is merely weighing the evidence and plausibility of the fake therapy and seeing that it is QUITE fake and equal to placebo and such, the DO is actually attacking science and rigorous standards because skepticism and criticism are vital operational parts of rigorous science and critical inquiry.  This is the "junk thought" so typical of that nebulous marketing label "holistic."
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