Sunday, June 18, 2017

California's DCA "Naturopathic Medicine Committee" Meeting Video 2017-05-15 & Hypocrisy

here, the boring veneer upon the consumer exploiting:

001. first, there's a California Department of Consumer Affairs 3-hour-long YouTube video "Naturopathic Medicine Committee Meeting - May 15, 2017" [saved 2017-06-18]:

[I haven't watched this but I have read its agenda]

002. there's a DCA page that has NMC agenda's posted and this meeting's specific agenda as the PDF "Naturopathic Medicine Committee Notice of Teleconference Meeting
May 15, 2017";

003. and it all looks awfully boring and bureaucratic except for this point I'd like to make:

naturopathy is inherently a pseudoscience;

yet, DCA promotes naturopathy's false 'science subset nonscience' marketing labels and national exam substandards;

004. there's a collective NMC member web page which lists an ND Weisswasser:

004.a. who, on his practice's bio. page, along with his ND wife, states:

"Dr. Greg [...] went on to earn his naturopathic doctorate from Bastyr University, a leading educational institution in the Natural Health Sciences [...] Dr. Carolyn Weisswasser [...] went on to earn her doctorate degree at Bastyr University, considered by many to be the leading institution in science-based natural medicine [...]";

so, there's a categorical science claim.

004.b.  who collectively state on their practice page "About Naturopathic Medicine":

"naturopathic doctors are skilled in diagnosis and treatment of disease utilizing natural therapeutics including clinical nutrition, herbal medicine, homeopathy, physical medicine, and hydrotherapy [...]";

so, how does something so science-exterior as homeopathy get falsely grouped into "science-based" and "sciences"?  Because naturopathy's idea of science is so lax, aka pseudoscience.  The irony of a member of a consumer protection State entity who does not have high consumer protection standards!
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