Monday, June 26, 2017

CFI-CSI & SBM's MD Hall on Functional Medicine Bunkum

here, a criticism of functional medicine nebulosity:

001. the CFI YouTube account has up "Functional Medicine" with MD Hall of Science-Based Medicine:

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"[from the description] this talk took place at CSICon on Friday, October 28th, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada [...] Harriet Hall delves into the world of 'functional medicine,' a form of 
alternative medical care with no clear definition and unimpressive results [...]";

well, personally, having myself been trained by some of these FM gurus, I concur.  It struck me as a way to sell supplements and dubious laboratory tests.  Look, after all, at who founded the whole thing.  And, of course, FM's nubulosity fits naturopathy very well.

"while practitioners make excuses for the lack of evidence behind functional medicine, Hall has one word to explain it: bullshit [...]";

hear, hear.  My biggest criticism is the implication that 'in not being standard of care medicine, the term FM tends to falsely portray modern medicine as not taking physiology into account.'

"[from the video, some interesting things said include] instead of a clear definition, what I found was a blooming, buzzing confusion [...] what you get instead are descriptions [...] whatever they choose it to mean [...] functional medicine is not a legitimate medical category [...] it's a marketing term [...] an excuse to mix imaginary medicine and real medicine [...]";

good stuff.
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