Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Dr. Hanley: Homeopathy is Complete Nonsense

here, criticism of homeopathy from an Irish medical doctor:

001. at todayfm.com, in "Dr. Ruairi Hanley: Homeopathy Is 'Complete Nonsense'", by Sarah Stacey, we're told:

"alternative medicine [...] Dr. Ruairi Hanley is of the belief that 'most of it is complete nonsense', citing homeopathy [...which he says is] 'the most bizarre belief system I've ever encountered [...] the belief that you can sell people what is effectively bottles of water and tell them it's going to cure their illnesses [...] as a society, we need to start taking these people on because they're dangerous [...] the problem is when these people start interfering with legitimate healthcare, when you see people with serious illnesses rejecting conventional medicine, that's when things go wrong [...] I have a firm belief that if something has no scientific basis, you should not prescribe it.'"

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