Saturday, August 5, 2017 on Colorado NDs' Illegal Appropriation of "Physician"

here, a not-too-surprising expose:

001. at, in "Naturopathic Doctors Illegally Calling Themselves ‘Physicians’" (2017-08-02), we're told:

"Larry Sarner and Linda Rosa of the Colorado Citizens for Science and Medicine conducted a survey of websites and claim most naturopathic doctors violate the Colorado Medical Practices Act and State Statutes [...]";

I'll take a look at them in 001.a. 

"Dr. Mark Johnson is on the board of the Colorado Medical Society [...and points out] 'a naturopathic doctor cannot say in Colorado they are a physician' [...] naturopathic doctors are not licensed but rather are 'registered' in Colorado [...] CBS4 found [...a] naturopathic doctor practicing who made references on her site to a being a 'primary care physician' [...] after CBS4’s inquiries, that was changed. Dr. Roanne Houck [...] the president of the Colorado Association of Naturopathic Doctors [CoAND...states] 'our members have been informed that the correct terminology is naturopathic doctor. Not physician' [...she] told CBS4 investigator Rick Sallinger [...] a Peabody award winning reporter who has been with the station more than two decades doing hard news and investigative reporting [...]";

scrutiny of naturopathy by competent journalists is always welcome.

001.a., the Institute for Science in Medicine, which is where the search "Colorado Citizens for Science and Medicine" takes me, states in "Our Fellows":

"in the Summer of 2009, a number of health professionals, scientists, and others came together to discuss the need for public policies which promote a scientific standard for safe and effective medical treatments, and which protect the public from the predations of anti-, non-, and pseudo-scientific practices and beliefs in all aspects of health care. These participants became the 27 Founding Fellows of the Institute for Science in Medicine. They have since been joined by another 33 accomplished Fellows. The Institute relies on the qualifications, expertise, and understanding of medicine and science of all our Fellows to reliably inform public policy with objective facts and sound judgment."

good stuff.

002. the CoAND actually states online:

"backed by sound science [...] naturopathic medicine is powerful";

so, that's quite a categorical claim.

002.b. and then of course, CoAND mentions the science-ejected and inert homeopathic as part of naturopathy on the page "Gregory Pais" and he states on the CoAND hosted page:

"grounded in the science of naturopathic medicine [...and] the depth and power of action of homeopathic medicine [...]";

of course.  'Most naturopaths violate logic, too.'

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